TAS-Power is a certified, reliable and professional automation and electrical automation designer.

Automation design, more specifically electrical automation design, is TAS-Power's specialty. Our extensive experience on cabinet manufacturing (control cabinets, logic cabinets) and industrial automation always benefits our customers.

Our well-educated personnel complete both automation design and programming projects with skill and confidence. The electronic automation design services we provide are always based on paying attention to what the customer needs and wants while also offering new ideas. When carried out this way, automation design leads to a functional result that meets all of the customer's expectations.

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TAS-Power - Electrical automation cabinet design

The electrical automation cabinets we design represent the highest quality.

TAS-Power - Programming

TAS-Power has the programming software and expertise required by the leading brands.

TAS-Power - Our products are hand-made in Finland from high quality components.

Our products are hand-made in Finland from high quality components.

TAS-Power - Installation

We carry out the cabling and installation work for automation cabinets, field devices or larger systems.

TAS-Power commissioning

Tuning the field equipment and testing the program at the actual location guarantee a good end result. If necessary, we also instruct the customer on how to use the equipment.

TAS-Power - Updating old automation systems

We can update old automation cabinets that are at the end of their road using new components.

We specialize in harsh and demanding environments

Oil rigs

When working on oil rigs and other platforms, we utilize our experience from the shipbuilding and marine industries. We are familiar with the challenges and special requirements presented by demanding environments. Our customers benefit from years of studying and hard work.


Ships / Cruise ships

TAS-Power has been manufacturing cabinets for the marine industry throughout the company's history. Our personnel is familiar with the requirements of various rating agencies and can design and manufacture cabinets that are reliable and meet the necessary regulations.


Industrial plants

We have delivered cabinets for many industrial plants - from small supply cabinets to the control cabinets of large power plants. The quality of our work meets even the most demanding standards.



It is a testament to TAS-Power's good reputation that we have worked with many of our customers for decades.



Quality and dependability are high priorities for TAS-Power. By investing in quality and through continuous quality control we can guarantee top products for our customers. SGS Fimko is responsible for auditing our production and managing our personnel information updates with a highly professional approach.


Made in Finland

TAS-Power is a Finnish family company with Finnish owners and high standards. We are not committed to using any specific suppliers.

TAS-Power Ltd