All your electrical automation needs from one company

Our services cover the entire electrical automation production process from design to commissioning. We also offer consulting services within our range of services, and in larger projects we can work as a part of the team. We also offer complete cabinets made according to existing drawings.

Our well-educated personnel complete both automation design and programming projects with skill and confidence. The electronic automation design services we provide are always based on paying attention to what the customer needs and wants while also offering new ideas. When carried out this way, automation design leads to a functional result that meets all of the customer’s expectations.

Certified knowledge

Our production is audited by SGS.


Our highly professional staff is familiar with the relevant regulations and can manufacture any centre you need – from small terminal block box to large automation cabinets.  We always manufacture cabinets so that they meet all regulations, as well as the customer’s special requests. Whether you need one cabinet or a series of 1000 cabinets, we can manufacture them. According to regulations, TAS-Power tests every cabinet before it is delivered. Each cabinet also documented in an appropriate manner before delivery.

Cabinets for ships and other challenging environments

In addition to ‘ordinary’ cabinet, we manufacture a large number of cabinets for the marine industry every year. Thus we are familiar with the requirements and special characteristics of the marine industry. We have been manufacturing these cabinets throughout TAS-Power’s history (for over 20 years)

Industrial electrical cabinets housings

We use Alfra’s high-quality tools which are purpose-made for making openings in electrical cabinets, so creating holes is quick and effortless. We also have special equipment for cutting DIN rails.

Cabinets and system wiring

Wiring work is performed based on circuit diagrams or pre-existing wiring lists depending on the customer’s wishes. The advantage with the latter is that we can e.g. tell what order a chaining was made in.

Testing is the most important part of the manufacturing process

We will test every cabinet, casing or any other product we make. When performing tests, we follow the EN61439 standard and always also provide the appropriate documentation. This way we can be sure that our products meet the high quality standards that both we and our customers have.


Thorough design work leads to a cost efficient project

We have years of experience designing projects, a good understanding of the importance of the price-quality ratio and the skills to meet the requirements of various standards. We use components from well-established, large suppliers due to the reliability and good spare part availability around the world.

We have designed equipment for the most unusual locations.

No environment is too challenging for us. We have designed electrical automation equipment for cold, hot, humid and dusty environments – among others. The changes in the environment and conditions can be managed and taken into account – and that is what TAS-Power specializes in. Our design work always starts with determining what the environmental circumstances are, so that we can then use that information as a basis for our work.

It is important to use the correct design tools

When designing, we use AutoCad and Cads softwares. The extensive block libraries we have collected over the years make design work faster and allow us to create clear, easy-to-read circuit diagrams and layout drawings.


  • Industrial logic (PLC)
  • Operating panel (HMI)
  • Fieldbus supervision (SCADA)
  • Remote monitoring (WEB, TOSIBOX)

We specialize in industrial automation

Our software expertise covers industrial logics, operating panels and control rooms from well-known manufacturers such as Siemens, Schneider Electric and Omron.

Whether it’s about a single PLC or a fieldbus between several PLCs, a decentralized IO or remote monitoring via the internet, the opportunities for improving productivity and usability through automation are limitless. Our staff has years of experience working on automation projects.


A good installation guarantees easy maintenance

Based on our experience we can take into account the future need for maintenance. When the installation is specifically designed for the location and performed by professionals, future maintenances are easier and you won’t need to get an electrician to unplug the wiring just to e.g. clean a valve.

Different locations require different installation methods

Our extensive experience helps us select the ideal installation methods for even the most demanding environments. We are also experts on the installation methods approved by marine classification societies.

We often need to consider the following issues in challenging installation locations

  • what effect do vibrations have?
  • what is the highest potential humidity percentage in the location?
  • summer and winter temperatures?
  • does the sun shine directly at the installation location?

Many things are easy to overlook when planning an installation project. It is a common mistake to only think of installation as a small part of the project, when in fact even a small detail may cause significant trouble in the future!

Work is not complete until the paperwork is done

This saying holds true for us as well. All of the measurements required by regulations are performed and documented with care. We also believe it is important to clean the work area as agreed after the job is finished.


A well-planned commissioning process minimizes downtime

Having to stop a production line or a process can be extremely expensive. The considerable experience we have on the commissioning of automation systems and electrical cabinets in challenging locations helps us minimize downtime. Our long experience helps us prevent various problems in advance. Parts of the commissioning process can often be carried out before the product is even delivered to the customer. TAS-Power can offer strong expertise in simulating various systems as a part of the testing process. All of the cabinets and systems we deliver to our customers are carefully tested.

Connecting different systems is one of our specialties

TAS-Power specializes in challenging environments. We have delivered systems for production lines and many demanding applications such as oil rigs, heavy industry, cruise ships and other places where our products are a part of a very complex entity. The equipment must be reliable and able to function well with third-party control systems, as a part of the whole.

A thorough commissioning means reliable operation

Even though all of the systems and cabinets we deliver have been thoroughly tested, our experienced staff supports the customer during commissioning. This enables us to react quickly, should problems arise. During commissioning, thorough documentation is created and all the required measurements are performed. Thorough operating models and documentation reduce the risk of accidents and ensure that everything gets done.


Old on the outside – new on the inside

TAS-Power has years of experience designing and manufacturing automation cabinets. This means we are able to update outdated cabinets or components and thus extend the useful life of the equipment if it is otherwise still usable.

Do not give up your old equipment without an assessment

When it comes to electrical automation, your equipment is not necessarily obsolete just because it’s old. Your old equipment may not need to be replaced just because the logic has become outdated or broken down.

TAS-Power has modernised a wide variety of automation equipment that was originally going to be replaced with new equipment. It is possible to create considerable savings by modernising/repairing old equipment. In some cases we are able to double the useful life of your equipment! Check out our reference here.

UL Cabinets

UL Solutions (formerly known as Underwriters Laboratories Inc) is a global company. Its mission is to improve safety in operating environments by creating common standards according to which products on the North American market are manufactured. All cabinets supplied to the North American market must have UL approval and a rating plate indicating this.

As of 2021, we have been eligible to design and manufacture UL-approved and UL-labeled cabinets. UL approval and the value plate representing it, which we attach to the cabinets, is a requirement for power cabinets delivered to the North American market. Consequently, the cabinets we design and manufacture can be delivered and commissioned in North America without a separate on-site acceptance inspection. Often these on-site inspections by the local authority are quite valuable, especially if the inspection reveals issues that require repairs or changes. In this case, the costs often rise very much. Instead, the cabinets designed and manufactured by us has been tested and stamped in an appropriate manner and can be put into use without separate inspections. In the manufacture of the cabinets, we only use UL-approved components, not all of which are available in Europe without UL manufacturing rights.

In order to obtain the UL right, we have undergone significant training and passed the relevant tests. It should be noted that there are only a few UL-approved central manufacturers in Finland. We are proud to be one of them.