TAS-POWER – a reliable partner

For years, we have served our customers and helped them with various projects. We provide our customers with additional value through experience and professionalism. Through these references we want to demonstrate the types of issues our customers have had and the ways we have solved them.

Below you can find some of our customers’ stories. We invite you to read them and contact us – we’ll be happy to tell you more!

Certified knowledge

Our production is audited by SGS.

From old to renewed via modernization

The customer had a fairly old stacking device for their special product. They wanted to make some small changes to it but the old logic could no longer meet their needs and the components they needed were no longer available. The customer ordered the installation of a new logic, including the design and programming and any needed changes. The customer did not have a written description of the device, so we download the program from the old logic and designed the necessary changes with the Customer in order to improve the old programme.

The actual installation and testing was performed during the weekend to minimize the downtime of the customer’s production line.

Just programming is not always enough

We designed the necessary “hardware” changes for the existing cabinet and changed those components that had reached the end of their useful life. Once the logic program was complete, our production department run a simulation in order to ensure that it worked before we install it. The actual installation and testing was performed during the weekend to minimize the downtime of the customer’s production line.

On Monday, we stayed with the customer until noon to ensure that the production line really worked and to instruct the users.

End result

The equipment has now been in use for several years and has paid the investment back many times over.

From a prototype to a finished cabinet

The customer had a preliminary design for the equipment and a cabinet that was at a prototype stage. The equipment would have to be placed in a hot and very dusty space.

The main challenge was that the components’ heat tolerance combined with the equipment’s heat production created a need for ventilation units, which had to be minimized. At the early stages of the design process we focused on choosing high efficiency components as well as organizing the cooling of the components. In addition, the placement, type and heat dissipation were optimized.

The automation cabinets manufactured by TAS-Power produce plenty of additional value in the form of a long, uninterrupted life cycle

End result

As a result, it was possible to reduce wasted energy by 20 % compared to the customer’s prototype. The need for separate ventilation was also completely eliminated. It’s also worth noting that this completely eliminated e.g. the need to change ventilation filters. All in all, the customer got a reliable product with a same price but higher quality components, requiring less maintenance and having a much longer calculated useful life.

Always invest on high-quality components

The electrical automation cabinets manufactured by TAS-Power are always designed considering the environment they will be placed in. The differences between the heat tolerances, heat production and durability of various components must always be considered during installation. When selecting components, at least the following variables should be considered:

  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Ventilation
  • Component heat tolerance
  • Component heat production