In our operations, the following are key values ​​and goals for a successful business. We want our company to be recognized by these.

  • We want to help our customers succeed
  • We create future solutions with the help of automation and we want to be at the forefront of technological development
  • We keep what we promise. In all our activities, we aim for the customer to be able to trust our ability to deliver products or services on the agreed schedule
  • In our operations, we strive for error-free, safe, timely and profitable production
  • Our quality is based on motivated, professional and capable personnel
  • Our goal is to create a “family-style” working community, whose members are helped and encouraged both at work and outside, and where every member feels comfortable and valued. This also includes creating an opportunity for the employee to grow and develop. At the same time, we guarantee a safe and forward-looking working community

Quality should be the task of every TAS-Power employee. Each employee’s work for quality enables TAS-Power Oy’s high-class production, other related services, as well as the continuous development of reliability and operations. These things mentioned above give the company the keys to success. Success means that the company and its employees are part of society and actively participate in its operation and development.

With the quality policy, we want to communicate our core operating values ​​and practices to our customers and other stakeholders.

All the products we manufacture leave our production tested and properly packaged.

We perform the tests required by the standard for each of our products. After the approved tests, we photograph all the cabinets and the images are archived together with the EU conformity assurance documents prepared for them.